How to get rid of anxiety?

So a lot of people always think of me as outgoing and really sociable, but I think I have a slight case of social anxiety. I mean I love meeting new people and talking to friends and etc, but when it comes to an awkward situation or if I meet someone new that is my own age I tend to get anxious and panicy. In fact any difficult situation or any sistuation when I'm not sure how the other person will react I tend to get really panicing. Once I had this happen because I made up my mind to talk to my ex at lunch and i ended up getting so panicy that I had to excuse myself from class to get some fresh ear for ten minutes and the anxiety carried out throughout the whole day even after I decided not to talk to him. i always worry how to talk to people, what to talk about and how they think of me. What should I do? Please don't say "Don't worry about what people say or think" because if i could I wouldn't care and I do try and stop myself from getting anxious but it doesn't work.


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  • Think about how you would want someone else to deal with you in the same situation.

    Then work on a plan for how you want to deal with any situation.

    Could be as simple as saying "No thanks, I don't smoke" does not matter if you smoke or not, it just confuses the hell out of the other person.


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