Where are there so many poor white people in Arizona that are racist?

I am a minority and I have known other minorites that have had racial slurs thrown at them while just putting gas, or buying something or whatever. Sometimes more than one time in one day. I also read plenty of stories online at how minorites and even white people decided to move from the state cause they are tired of the racist rednecks there. No wonder many people call it Nazizona.


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  • Lol... I think the big question is, "If you're so much better than them then why do you care?" I'm a minority as well - probably the same (I'm hispanic.), but I honestly could not care less if someone of another ethnicity doesn't like my culture. I mean, who cares, really?

    • I am just asking why there are so many poor white racists in Arizona.

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  • Racism begins due to a conflict in their life for example: mother was raped by (insert race) now family hates (insert race), white guy was mugged etc. you get where I'm going, and here's a good quote. fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering

    • Why is it so common in Arizona though?

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  • didn't you already ask something like this

  • 😂 lol I don't think this is a thing

    • Why you say that? I have been there and so have many of my friends. Read everything. There are a lot of poor trailer trash white people there that are racist as hell in Arizona

    • Trolling is really pathetic dude

    • How is this trolling? Look up racism in Arizona