Girls, Okay, so im 6 weeks late for my period, and I have never had sex. What should I do?


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  • My one friend (virgin) straight up skipped 6 months of her period.

    Has anything changed in your life in the last 2 months?

    Things that can offset periods:

    - You may genuinely just be irregular
    - Weather
    - Sleep
    - Moving
    - Change in diet
    - Change in exercise
    - Stress
    - Month of the year (mine gets all messed up in October for some reason)
    - General time of year
    - Family problems
    - More time with another female
    - Change in environment


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  • When did you got your periods?
    The first years you get your periods, it's really common for them to be irregular so no need to worry.
    If it has been more than a couple of years, it's also pretty common. Tons of women have irregular periods. Though, the best thing to do when that happen is to see a gynecologist to see if you don't have ovulation or hormones problem. Usually, women take an hormones contraceptive to take it back to normal.

  • When did you start your period as in at what age?

    • I started getting them when I was I think 11 maybe 12, and Im 14 now

    • I get not too uncommon that they're irregular
      Or maybe you have a missed one
      Due to stress or lack of iron or too much exercise are just some causes
      If not then it is advised yiu see a doc to make sure everything is fine

  • Wait it out... it's happened to me several times... a lot of factors can affect it... even stress... just wait it out...

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