What's wrong with the MGTOW movement?

I'm apart of this movement because women are redundant to me, I am happier on my own, I am happy to remain single and I don't have to deal with women and their drama, baggage and nonsense. I don't hate women, I just prefer going my own way.

Why am I ridiculed for this?


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  • Probably because you generalize and stereotype women. You can do your own thing without claiming all women are damaged drama queens.

    • I never said damaged. Stop putting words in my mouth.

    • Having baggage = being damaged.

    • Baggage could mean children or a divorce etc.

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  • Nothing if that's the lifestyle you choose then you won't have to deal with all that , it just gets lonely sometimes and hopefully your not choosing to be that way because you don't have luck in getting women

    • I attract women but I have no interest in having anything to do with women because I'm fed up of getting hurt.

    • I got hurt in late September and I'm still raw nearly four months later.

    • Oh , I guess you could take a break from them for a few years and see how you feel after awhile

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  • Is this what virgins do to justify themselves?

  • I suppose it's the fundamental contradiction of a movement of people going their own way. It's like saying you want to start a support group for rugged individualists.