How do you deal with the news of a sickness that you can die from?

Do you cry and then move on? Or fall into a depression? Do you act strong and say well everyone haves to die someday? Or do you just want to die and get it over and done with? Please be honest


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  • It's usually not a matter of opinion. It works the same for almost anyone on earth. There have been numerous psychological experiments conducted on this topic. The general scientific consensus is that there are five stage that every person goes through from receiving the bad news to actually dying. These five stages are:
    - Denial
    - Anger
    - Bargaining
    - Sadness and Depression
    - Acceptance

    The analysis of the dying process was especially researched and first published by the American doctor Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross in 1969.
    In the first stage, a person is so shocked and overwhelmed by the bad news that he/her simply denies everything about the disease. A person in this stage might say stuff like "oh, let's just see! Maybe it's all not so bad!" or "I won't let myself be brought down by something so silly as cancer!" The patient's own mortality is something completely unimaginable for himself/herself. People in this stage also tend to claim it's all just a big confusing and some would go and visit other doctors because they genuinely believe there doctor told them some bulllshit.
    In the second stage, the sick person usually reacts with anger, aggression and frustration. After finally recognizing that their death is imminent, they become very upset about this very fact. They would say stuff such as "Why exactly me? Why couldn't this happen to someone else? I was always a good person!" Because the patient can't direct his/her aggression at death itself, they usually direct it against their family members, friends or nurses. They would swear and insult other people and be extremely jealous that they have to die while other people can live on. It's an extremely difficult stage for both the patient AND his/her environment.
    The stage of anger is then followed by the stage of bargaining. This stage is usually quite short. In it, a person would try to find some way out of their disease although they know that there is no way out. They would suddenly and unexpectedly agree to risky new treatment methods or they would try to make bargains with god, fate or death itself.
    The fourth stage is probably the hardest stage for the dying person himself/herself. In this stage, a patient would show some extreme depression and feelings of helplessness and desperation. They would regret things they haven't achieved in life and feel sorry for their loved ones that they leave behind.
    Finally, in the last stage, the person accepts his/her fate but also starts to isolate himself/herself.

    • That's some DEEP Shit!

    • Yeah, it's very interesting. It's fascinating how people on earth are so different from one another but then again, when it comes to such "basic" things as dying, they're also incredibly similar.

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  • It's different stages you go through, I saw the stages with my mom, first depressing then you try to have hope and be strong and then you just realize was best and then have no fear of it towards the end and feel your going to better place

    • Thank you for being honest with me and telling me about your mom.

    • No problem, I hope I helped

    • You did honestly :-)

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