If God made us to feel certain things or be a certain way, why do people say he's against it then?

Like, sexual desire. We as humans were made to have certain sexual desires and feel certain sexual pleasures, but then when you give in to it people say it's a sin and God's against it.

How can that be though, if he made us to feel that way? How does that logically make sense that he's against us feeling something, he created us to feel? How does that make sense?

Or, being gay. God created all humans and being gay isn't something you become, it's something you've always had in you from birth but you don't know it until you start to grow up. So, when someone say's they are gay someone will be their tell them it's a sin and they'll burn in hell.

How can that be either, if that's the way you were born? How does that logically make sense that's he's aginst gay people, when he created us all including the ones that are gay? How does that make sense?


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  • There are fundamental principles you probably have not learned that led you to ask this question.

    In the beginning God created Adam and Eve as sinless beings, then as you may know Adam fell into sin, and ever since humanity has been afflicted by it.

    God did not create all humans, rather God created Adam and we are all descended from him through the natural reproduction process. This means we all inherit Adam's sinful nature. Sin causes all kinds of problems for us, from physical and mental illnesses to spiritual decay and malfunctions such as homosexuality/transgender, or any kind of immorality whether it is sexual or not sexual.

    God established an order for things to be, and it is good. He set in place that a man shall be one with his wife, and together they create an offspring. It is obviously a loving act and we were meant to enjoy it, because having children is a wonderful thing. But sin has corrupted us and made us harbor perverse desires for sex that are not part of God's order. God did not set in place for us to sleep with all kinds of girls or even people of the opposite sex. God did not design us to be born as men but convinced we are actually a woman, or vice versa. Those things are a corruption of our true design and purpose. And it's all the effect of sin in our lives.

    Sin was never part of God's design for us. We suffer the consequences of Adam's rebellion, and God has allowed us to live with it through this lifetime. The faithful to God are promised to be made whole one day and have all sin removed.

    So that is how it makes sense. God does not fix things in this life, but the next, the eternal life ahead of us. God is allowing this life to run its course, and there is a day coming when he will set all things right again. Until that day comes we continue to live as sinners, but we have the hope and peace that we are saved by the precious blood of Christ.

    • I went to Catholic school for eight years, so I did learn that to an extant. But, I also learned God didn't write the bible. The apostles did, so everything that is set to be "God's wishes", is just an interruption of other people saying what God wanted but we don't know that. I also learned, that God loves all people and never places judgment on you. So, everything you wrote kind condicts that then, doesn't it? Don't get me wrong, I believe in God, very much so but not the bible and all the rules placed with it or things they attach to Gods name and say "it's what he wanted", I think that's wrong.

    • Catholic school is a very poor place to learn God's Word. They undermine the Bible a lot and instead rely on man-made traditions and the catechism or "Whatever the Pope says."

      The Bible is said to have been written by God through the Apostles who trusted in Him, if you do not rely on a universal foundation to stand on then why even by a Christian or believe in God? With that line of thinking, everything is just whatever some other man said in a book.

      God indeed does love all people, so much that He sent Jesus to die to pay the price of sin for all of us. In fact faith in Christ alone gives us salvation, nothing less than losing that faith can take salvation away from us. But that does not change the fact that sin is sin. You asked why sexual desires are sins and I explained according to what I learned from God's Word. But nothing of what I said means those people cannot be saved. They can be, and not by changing their ways. They can only be saved by changing their mind about Jesus.

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  • He also gave us free will and we do whatever we want, don't blame him, blame yourself and even though there are guidelines in which he said to follow we still have freedom of choice and we not him are the ones who makes that decision to follow his guidelines or do whatever the hell you want.

    • Why do I feel you're scolding me? It really was just a question, just something I was thinking about.

    • No i'm not, don't feel that way, maybe the way i phrased it but no i'm not scolding you at all.

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  • Don't ever bother asking a ration question about religion. There is nothing rational about religion.

  • If an adult has sexual desires towards a child, would you say those feelings are from God?

    • I don't know where they would come from but since we aren't all like that, it's clearly individual based.

  • Having sexual feelings is nothing to be ashamed of.


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  • I don't get that either. I think that it's really humans who like to make up rules about what people can do instead of God.

  • I think it is the work of man who puts limitations on one another and using God as an excuse.