So I'm 16 and I kinda like a 19 yr old and he is in college?

So when we first met he said he was 16 but he did not look but I went with it and I got his number and snapchat and we continue to talk and then when he had on his story back to college I asked him about it and he told me the truth but also said he don't wanna catch a charge but he doesn't wanna lose me and I'm falling for him I don't know what to do

  • Leave e him for some one my age
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  • Stay with him and do nothing serious
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  • Jailbait. Stay away

    • Wym by that I don't get it

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    • Ik thathat's I'm about to be 17 Friday

    • YOU ARE 16!!!

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  • Leave leave leave leave. Why would a 19 year old feel like he had to lie? That's creepy OP. Creepy af even. Something is not right about that boy and it's not something you can fix.

    • He was with his friends and he started to say 18 and his friend sayed we all 16

    • So he's part of a group of predatory liars?

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  • I think you should go ahead and leave. He lied about his age, otherwise i would say yes.

  • That's not even bad

    • I'm just about to finish my last yr and my parents would flip

  • He's a pedo and he knows it since he lied. He also doesn't mind that he's a pedo he just minds if he gets caught. He wouldn't have lied otherwise.


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