Confusing Situation (HELP)?

So, my ex started dating my best friend. I'm still friends with her but it's weird. I still kind of like him. But I also think I am into this other guy. This other guy is a different friend's BROTHER. But he would never notice me. Should I try to talk to him or should I not? And how do I fix my relationship with my not so best friend? Should I stay friends with my ex? Sorry that was a lot of questions but I need help fast!


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  • Listen your so young and truth is you shouldn't mess up a friendship with someone just because she is dating your ex. You guys are over and she shouldn't have to sacrifice her happiness just because you happened to date him before her. As for the other guy go for it. What have you got to lose? If he likes you then you got yourself a new boyfriend if he doesn't oh well you will eventually find a great guy.