Why can I hear music if there isn't any playing?

It's not just like I'm thinking of a song, it sounds like I have earbuds in turned down really low. I can choose which song it is as long as I'm pretty familiar with it. I'm not complaining, just wonder if there's something wrong with me.


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  • Your ear is destroying itself.

    Either that, or you're crazy.

    Are you perhaps located in a white room with padded walls?

    *If you tend to wear earphones and listen to loud music, or just in general surrounded by loud speakers often, then your ear will later begin to destroy itself, causing little noises that only you can hear... so like I said, either your ear is destroying itself, or you're crazy*. 😱

    • Well... Now I'm scared af lol What should I do? It only happens sometimes... I do like to turn my earbuds up really loud, but I've been doing that for two years now and it only started a couple months ago.

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    • I'm gonna go with the 'crazy' theory, and I'm gonna embrace it!

    • D: what if it's a cockroach making babies in there? ... get a physicallllll xD