Why do some young men and women these days seem to hate and enjoy trolling the opposite gender? How will this affect young people's relationships?

I looked up some stuff about that waste his/her time hashtag thing and it seems so petty. The sad thing is that so many people seem to find it funny. That's not the main issue though; young people of both genders seem angry at each other. Some guys turn to Red Pill and use women or give up on them (or at least marriage) altogether and more and more women seem to be angry at men (though it isn't as obvious as men's frustrations).

Is this a new thing? Is it getting worse? How will it affect relationships (if at all)?
I know that in Japan there is a big problem with young people just giving up on sex and relationships and it's become a demographic time bomb. Could that be an issue in the West?


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  • Well on this world there are good people and bad people (irrespective of gender) i guess us making everything an issue of gender and gender inequality and u know dividing people into groups (such as gender) makes people a little violent and competitive and mean, harsh
    So if we just look at each other as people and friends and not as the opposite gender or other group we will get along fine :)
    by the way how r u doing now a day's?

    • Good point. I find it really t7resome thoughh.

      I'll message you in a minute. :)

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  • In personal level, all of that has to do with insecurity and bad memories in their previous relationships (or even social relations) with the opposite gender.
    Lots of guys and girls who are bitter inside for their frustrations with the opposite gender.

    In Japan I find it a bit more different than in the case of the West though, it's more a cultural thing that now is achieving a whole new level. Manhood in Japan is screwed up nowadays

    • Do you think it's getting worse?

    • i don't know of it right now because it has passed some time since I left Japan. But I lived there for a long time, enough time to analyse their society and their mentality

    • and just to add a bit more of my thoughts on it.

      In social level, I see that that trolling with the opposition gender had begun with sexual revolution, followed by modern feminism. Those movements has shaped the mentality most of people in the West live nowadays towards how to treat and deal with people of the opposite gender. That speech of explicitly hate towards male men, that we can easily see in lots of feminists authors, have influenced our relationship nowadays. But all in all, the personal levels comes first than social levels. After all, it was individuals like those feminists authors that helped to widespread their worldview to the society in the West nowadays.

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