Do guys like innocent girls?

I keep getting friendzoned. I dont know what i'm doing wrong. i've worked on my social skills. i try to be friendly. but i think guys just see me as one of the guys.

I am an engineering major so the majority of people in my classes are guys. I've made a few guy friends. But thats all they are. just guy friends. and i work with a lot of guys at work. i get along with a lot of them.. We always joke around and laugh at the dumbest things. and i dont get offended. I feel like one of the guys at times because we've even made jokes about girly things or things that most adults would not find funny. i am too childish. I just like to laugh and have fun. i dont get offended easily. but i'm thinking that maybe i am supposed to act offended to be taken more seriously? but then i feel like im lying to myself.

Even though i'm pretty chill about most things, i'm still somewhat conservative about myself. I just realized i dont own any clothes that is "sexy". its all cutesy stuff, or what i call, my boyish regular clothes. which is not really boyish, its just not really girly. i wear a lot of tshirts and jeans. when i can, i like to look girly and wear dresses and skirts but its rare. i always wear makeup and do my hair though. my eyeliner and eyebrows are always done. i just dont wear heavy makeup.

But i still feel like im lacking something. my friend always gets guys attention and even has guys proposing their love for her and i dont. I get compliments. Like guys that know me tell me im beautiful and pretty and such. It seems like others are scared to talk to me though. im really nice. people aren't scared of my friend. we are both equally as nice. i just dont wear clothes that show my boobs. i've never had a boyfriend and i dont know how to flirt. my friends say im awkward but adorable. is that bad?

do guys just not like the innocent looking girls anymore?


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  • i personally like shy people its rewarding to me to help them come out of there shell and they are usually the most loyal friends. if someone doesn't want to take the time to get to know you its there loss not your. i know what im saying might not help when you feel alone but what would you rather have someone who likes you for who they think you are or someone who like you for the person you truly are


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  • Guys like all kind of girls, they are opportunist.


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  • I am really curious about what kind of conversation leads to your friends telling you that you're beautiful.

    How does that happen? Under which topic and ambiance?
    Don't you think that when they say that, they do like you and that they're waiting for a sign of you? Cause I just can't imagine a conversation where out of nowhere someone tells the other that they're pretty. That's quite personal

    • well, its not a topic of conversation. they just say it.
      One of the guys that works there always says that im so beautiful. that he would do anything for me. but i dont think it means he wants to date me.
      and the other one is my former supervisor. everytime i run into him, he tells me i am beautiful.

      i think they tell me this because im soft spoken and "adorable". a lot of people tell me they love me (guys and girls) and i guess people are protective of me but i dont think they want to date me.

    • Hmm.. ok , I think I know what you mean.

  • The first thing you need to do is know you are perfect as you are and realise time is your friend

  • i mean i like innocent girls i say wear a pencil skirt for one day and see what those guys say about u very feminine and pretty maybe if you don't like to show ur boobs show ur booty a little bit


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