Why teachers don't get comfortable with own students?

Need to go confronting your teacher? You better have a course of action. By a recent survey, most teachers don't take compassionate to being irritated about their evaluating system, 72.7 percent of survey respondents concur with the statement: "Students" grumblings about evaluations are irritating.' What does this intend to you? Well, if you plan on confronting a professor about a grade, it means you better be very careful how you approach the situation


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  • I also think it's a little stupid (and in some cases immature) to complain to your teachers or professors about your grades. Sure, there are cases where a teacher was maybe tired and made a mistake or maybe he's a total jerk and blatantly discriminates against certain students but in most cases, it's not the teacher, it's the students. I've gone to school with many kids who complained about their grades when in the end, it was really their fault that they did poorly or even failed. As a student and a future teacher I'm gonna say that it's the teacher's responsibility that students understand the material but it's not their responsibility that the students actually study/learn it. This is solely the responsibility of each individual student. If you don't study for your exams, too bad for you.