Socialism vs capitalism, which one do you think is better (or worse)?

  • Both are good but socialism is better.
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  • Both are good but capitalism is better
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  • Both are bad but socialism is worse
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  • Both are bad but capitalism is worse
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  • Both are equally good
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  • Both are equally bad
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  • It depends on what kind of society we are talking about
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  • The problem with socialism is that no clear definition exists what "socialism" actually means (wikipedia also says that). Within the realms of socialism, you have a pretty broad spectrum of ideologies, ranging from revolutionary/militant socialism à la Soviet Union to social democracies (democratic socialism) like in Sweden or Norway. At the same time, on a website with mostly American users, we have the problem that many people here confuse socialism with communism, which is not the same thing despite certain similarities.
    Personally, I would like to have a system somewhere between the Scandinavian model and the very extreme forms of socialism. The reason for this is mostly the aspect of democracy. Although I am critical of democracy and I don't consider it a great system of governance, it's still better than a dictatorship in my opinion (even if that dictatorship is mostly benevolent, such as in Cuba). Unfortunately, revolutionary socialist systems usually end up becoming dictatorships. The reason for this is that it's almost impossible to create a revolutionary socialist or even communist system without a certain amount of force. You will always have political opponent who try to destroy your efforts. So what are you gonna do? You have to either imprison them or kill them... there's almost no other option. Theoretically you could also just kick them out of the country but this only works under certain circumstances (depends on how big your country is, where it is located, island or landlocked etc). Even the Castro brothers in Cuba had to imprison a couple of thousand political dissidents. While I understand that from a political perspective, I wouldn't want to live in a country were disagreement is punished. Not only because that's ethically questionable but also because it hinders progress. So in my opinion, the best socialist system would be one where generally speaking, everyone believes in the same, basic leftist principles but you're still allowed to have a different opinion.
    The thing with capitalism is not so much that I hate it (I don't), but since I study history, I understand that it doesn't work. People often claim socialism doesn't work but capitalism works even way less. It's a self-destroying system.
    Since I'm running out of space, I would say I'm sympathizing with a more radical form of the Scandinavian model. A system with very strong fiscal equality, workers' rights and socially progressive but also with civil rights and democracy.


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  • I'm a capitalist so my opinion of biased, but even looking at it from an unbiased perspective, socialism is worse, considering it does to the economy and businesses. Plus true socialism is pretty impossible to achieve you simply can't have a money less, classless society the world doesn't work like that and human nature and lust for greed and power make it impossible.

  • The problem with socialism is that the only reward for good work is... more work (each according to thir ability) as everyone has the same rewards (to each according to thir needs). As there is no motivation to do your best, things stagnate. Socialism is good at supporting arts and sports though. But as the system has failed so many times (you can't put the fox in charge of the hen house) the answer to your question is self evident.

  • As an anti-capitalist, I hate to say this, but capitalism is useful in some areas of society but horrendous in others (e. g. Useful for space exploration, bad for healthcare). No one political ideology is perfect.

    I'd say Socialism is better but it's not good on it's own.

  • We can have that discussion if there will ever be a single socialism country which actually worked out. Until then this isn't even a discussion.

  • I'm a capitalist. If you want something, go out an get it. The strong survive. Its natures way.
    I refuse to accept giving away my hard earned money to people who haven't earned it.

  • You mean Communism right?

    Because socialism is social welfare, helping the poor and needy of society.

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    • Capitalism- Properties owned by people. Competitive "survival of the fittest" economy. Monopolies can develop

      Socialism-Government owns most things (Hospitals, schools, etc.) Wealth is evenly distributed. Prevents absolute poverty. Hard work for big business is not encouraged much.

      You can easily compare the two.

    • Okay. Now I understand you.

      Socialism is better ofcourse.

      It is called a capitalistic economy (free market) and a socialist government. This is what you mean.

  • Capitalism if you are more concerned with making more wealth than how wealth is distributed. Socialism if you are more concerned with how wealth is distributed than making more of it.

    So if you feel like your society has too much wealth, go with more socialism.

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