What is a moment from your childhood that you can remember losing a small piece of the innocent outlook young children have on life?

When I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, I was playing on the playground all alone. My mom let me walk there by myself because it was a small, secure neighborhood and she could call up her friend and have her watch me out the window. I was swinging all by myself when two colored girls around my age came and asked me if we could all take turns pushing each other. I loved getting pushed on the swingset, so of course I agreed. We spent the whole day playing and running around the park. There was a lull in our mindless child babble and one girl asked me if I was racist. I felt pretty embarrassed to ask what that meant, and when they told me I was sort of shocked. I hadn't really noticed that they were even black in the beginning. I asked them if I would still be there if I were racist. I also asked them why they would think that. Apparently their parents had them convinced that anyone of my skin tone was a racist "honkie". I cried for an hour that night because I had never known that people hated each other for reasons like that, and I especially didn't like that people who had never met me were being told to stay far away from me. Before that point, I had thought that every one was friendly and happy to be near each other all of the time. I was sadly mistaken.
So, do any of you have a story to tell about losing a bit of the innocent outlook of life?


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  • When I was way young :P
    I thought you d get pregnant on the day of your marriage.
    During the first kiss and by the power of good you ll get knocked off xD
    like with the exchange of salive and all etc..
    twisted logic but I was a bit on the right track xD xD
    anw then from a movie on tv I noticed that I was wrong,,, so wrongg


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  • When my dad made up a lot of lies about my mother (while she never talked about him) and I was around 11 or so and I remember thinking, "Damn. My dad is a piece of shit."

    he'd call my mom a whore, a POS, a cunt etc and he'd make up stupid ass stories about her

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