How to take my mind off potentially being rejected? Waiting for an answer/reply?

I sent a message to my good guy friend who I have liked for nearly 2 years now telling him that I like him, but now all I've got revolving in my head is that 'I'm going to get rejected' and that 'he's going to hate me'...
Are these feelings normal? How can I take my mind off of them?
(People think we're in a couple already because apparently we ACT like it haha)


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  • Very normal to have those feelings. At least you had the guts to express your feelings and go for it!!! I applaud you for being brave. For now, focus on things that make you happy.

    • Thankyou x I was SUPER scared haha x

  • So are you saying that guys and girls can't be "just friends"?

    • What?

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    • Of course x

    • Obviously not

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