Have a weird memory from past that I can't seem to even remember but I know it happened?

i was trying to make sense of the whole thing at work today , clearly i didn't have a lot to do if i had time to thing about this but anyways , about 10 years ago maybe 12 years ago i had an episode in final year of high school , more like mental breakdown. at some point i went to see a local " counsellor who i can still remember his name and appearance and location of where his office used to be. however at some point further on i saw someone else , someone who i can't even remember , i know he was a man and maybe 40-50 years old and also local , but can't remember his name or even where his office was or even what we talked about , i know he prescribed me "prozac " after only one visit and that lead to an even worse episode and i was taken off it never to try it again. but i find it really weird that i can't even remember who he was or what i talked to him about or why he suggested such a medication. i find this whole memory really weird as i can't seem to remember it , like its blocked out.


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  • Ask people who knew you at the time.

    Could be drug-related (maybe the Prozac, maybe in combination with something else you were taking). Could be related to your psychological state at the time. If it was an isolated thing I wouldn't be worried. Some people dealing with psychological disorders experience blackouts and memory gaps (I'm here to tell you :) ), but as far as I know that tends to be a chronic, recurring thing.

    • guess I have a lot of memories , some are much clear than others , its hard to try and remember things that happened so long ago. this memory does seem to be buried deep , I think only my parents would know more about this and not sure I'd really want to reopen that period of time with them , I doubt there is any paper records around of this I could look at to see if I suddenly remember more.

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    • its weird I remembered a name of a doctor for some reason but I goggled it and although he's local it doesn't appear he was the one I saw back then so not sure why his name came up

    • Honestly you may never know. You may have those memories stored away, and you may not. I'd suggest just being open to the journey and any new discoveries. I think it's always good to become more aware of our pasts and our selves. Be careful but I hope it's productive for you.

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