Do guys like a girl who looks at them with big eyes?

This girl told me that with men I like I give them big innocent flirty eyes. Submissive. Is this bad?

also I am a new lawyer and the guy I like at work has 3 years of experience so he was assigned to help me. I asked him for help and now he is always coming in and giving me advice and wants to watch my work and review it together.

Do do you think he likes this dynamic or thinks
im I am dumb? Does he enjoy the submissiveness?


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  • It's not necessarily "submissive" behavior. Could just be flirting.

    And it's hard to say with the guy. Could be interested, could feel your success is partially his responsibility.

    But a lot of guys do get off when a girl indicates submissiveness. Usually involves more than the eyes, though. :)

    Good luck.


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