Why do people make fun of me?

i understand its a trend but why does everyone like to make fun of my shoes all the time? they always say what are those ! to my "fake vans"
im not rich or have many
and when they do that
it makes me wish i was


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  • Some people are assholes, ignore them and you will be fine


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  • Dont listen to them girl. There is nth wrong in not being rich. The value of a human is not in his clothes , one day a good looking guy dressed well came to socrates , that guy thought tht socrates would be impressed by his clothes , instead he told him " Talk so i can see you " which means that the true value of a human is in what he owns inside , those brands people invented them it doesn't define who u are. I personally prefer to wear cheap stuff that look pretty , i hate spending tons of money on a shoe that i will throw away --"
    U should stop listening to others :)


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  • "Well I can see that you aren't educated enough to understand that these are shoes."

  • Just wear what u want, who cares what others think.
    I have a pair of fake converse, lots of people wear fake brands

    • thank you :) i hate people who humiliate me that way

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