Why hitting your kids is okay but hitting your parents is extremely wrong?

Ok ok, both are wrong, but people freaks out more when a kid punches his/her parents.

Same happens with a woman hitting a man, no one gives a fuck until the man gets tired and kicks her ass (well deserved btw).

Don't get me wrong, I wish violence didn't exist but it does, and for me hitting the shit out of someone once you're tired of them, it's fucking right.

No, no one hits me πŸ˜‚ no, I don't hit people either.


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  • I think it has a lot to do with culture. Here it's WAY worse hitting kids than kids hitting parents.

    I think I heard spanking kids and such is more common in South America xD

    If you do that, or anything else like that here and people find out, you'll be looked at like some kinda sadistic child abuser, which is a good thing.

    • In Mexico you can't even raise your voice to your parents lol

      Thank god mine are good lol

      They spanked me tho lol even used a belt on me XD but it wasn't like super horrible.. They used to take the belt out just to scare the shit out of me.. Worked wonders XD

      The last time I was hit was when I got drunk and my mom thought I was watching a movie. She slapped me so good XD but I didn't feel a thing because I was drunk lol

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    • Exactly, that's what I think too.

    • @croxy In Russia too it seems more common than in Europe. (told a Russian me)

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  • I don't necessarily agree that people will "freak out more". That's a matter of public consciousness, which changes from place to place, year to year, even day to day. Honestly, public consciousness could flip a complete 180ΒΊ with just one court case published in the papers.

    That said, it's usually takes more for a kid to lash out with violence against parents, just because there are more layers of order/authority to overcome, there.
    Just like it's a "bigger deal" when a citizen shoots a cop than when a cop shoots a citizen. It's not MORALLY a bigger deal -- but it's PRACTICALLY a bigger deal. There are more barriers in the citizen's way, so the citizen has to be pushed much farther before something like that has to happen.

    So, insofar as what you're seeing is real, that's what you are seeing. If a kid is hitting his/her parents, you are seeing a situation that is REALLY FAR GONE. Much more far gone, on average, than the other way around.

    Both situations are fucked up, of course.

    Let me add that I have no problem at all with a kid killing an abusive parent. Just straight killing that parent, dead. If I'm ever on a jury for that kind of case, I am ALWAYS going to acquit, even if the abuse is relatively "minor". (As if abuse can really be minor...)


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  • No, hitting people as an act of revenge is not okay. It's like with death penalty: two wrongs don't make a right. Revenge is barbaric and uncivilized. And there's absolutely no reason for a man to hit a woman out of self-defense. It's simply unnecessary. If a woman hits you (and I'm saying this as a man), you can tell her verbally to stop. If she doesn't listen and continues, you can grab her arms and force them down so she can't hit you anymore. If the situation escalates completely, you can either walk to another room (if it happens at home) or call the police (or simply walk away if it happens outside). There's really no reason that would justify taking revenge.
    And where I live, people definitely freak out more if an adult hits a child, since children are much weaker. At any rate, children hitting their parents is usually a direct result of bad parenting. It's not okay but it has to be put in a context. Little children don't understand what it means to hit other people. They have to be taught that it's not okay. They can't just know it like that. Especially if the parents never told them.
    When you grow up and have children yourself, you'll understand.

  • It's an example of nature dominance..
    The kid /child / offspring came into existence due to the mateing/ fucking of a male and female, thus that couple parents come under the category of reserved ( things on which your existence depends ) section for that individual child.

    And in humanitarian society since stone age there has been a rule - Respect things in nature on which your existence depends...

    Once a child grows it's existence does not depends on his parents still, there was a time when it's existance depended on them and they were the reason, that the kid came into existence...
    Thus, naturally parents come into that reserved section of nature, on which your existence depended and you are supposed to respect and value them, it's the basic definition to a good person..
    So naturally it's considered wrong to hit once parents.

    Other case
    Since childhood kids are know to explore things and get into mess but parents often have to use physical force to stop their child from getting into a mess, cause they love their child.. Which partially gives them authority to use physical force for the benefit of their offsprings until a certain age...

  • if its self defense i can justify that.

    if the kid attacked their parent due to being a rebel, i can't justify that.

  • It's because of a respect issue. Parents hit kids as discipline, my dad kicked the shit out of me until I learned a lesson (and I undoubtedly better off because of it). Kids who hit their parents just show a lack of respect for their parents and authority in general.

    It's kind of like how no one minds when cops kill criminals but people get upset when criminals kill cops (I'm talking about murders and rapists, not racial actions).

  • Hitting your kids is NOT okay.
    Hitting your parents is NOT okay.

    Any questions?

  • An adult hitting a kid is discipline, a kid hitting an adult is disrespect

  • I think kids hitting their parents is wrong because they aren't mature. Sorry but they aren't. Sure some may be mature for their age, but the body (including the brain) literally has not had enough time to FULLY mature. That means bad decision making and lack of responsibility. Hence why people freak out when kids hit their parents. When parents do it people assume that parents do it in order to help teach their children responsibility. Now there's a line there. Yeah there's a line there because there's a difference between discipline and abuse. I do NOT advocate abuse. That's completely wrong. Without a doubt. I also hate that people get more upset when a man hits a woman as opposed to a woman hitting a man. Both are adults. Both should be mature. I always say that if you don't want to get your head knocked off you'll keep your hands to yourself. That goes for any adult regardless of gender.


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  • Parents are at a higher stage than you.
    Have to see your parents as an idol , someone you admire and praise because of the journey you guys been through and no matter how much trouble you caused they still stood by your side. The way i grew up in my household you're not even allowed to tell your sibilings "shut up" . Any disrespect that is towards a parent is automatic once warning and twice? Just cry before you're even approached because its going down.

    On the other hand, some kids are disrespectful and need one big tap on the butt. If the verbal warning doesn't work then next is the physical action.
    It wasn't abuse for me because its not like my parents punched me in my face. But i learned from it? Now that i'm in the outside world i have discipline and before you can respect anyone else? You have to first respect yourself

  • I don't condone corporal punishment but If the child is hit for discipline reasons, it stems from love. Can't really say that for other types of violence.

  • Your parents own you. End of story.

    • Exactly.
      These individuals are mentioning "people" parents are not "people" they are your elders who were experienced before you even entered this earth. If it wasn't for their parents half of the population on here wouldn't be alive.. So to not have respect and think a slap won't do no good? Oh.

      I agree with you

    • @FlutteringFeelings hipster crowd. They're ignorant.

    • Hmmm people these days.

  • I have been taught to respect parents and elderlies.

    So when I hear such news, especially when the kid says it in a proud manner I am shocked and upset.

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