Does this site also make you hate feminism more?

Pre-GAG, I didn't really give much thought to feminism. I have been a feminist but I eventually saw through the bullshit. Since then, I've just been thinking about my education.

Now that I use this site, I feel myself hating feminists. The feminists here talk right out of there ass some times, and it annoys me.

You the same or no?

  • Yeah, this site does tend to make me hate feminism more than I do.
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  • Hmm, only a little
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  • Nope, it doesn't affect me.
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  • Actually, it makes me like feminism
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No. It makes me seriously dislike the anti feminists because they're more preachy and annoying than the actual feminists. I see at least 10 anti feminist to every pro feminist/opinion question here, if that. And it's just so repetitive and annoying.

    • Fair point. Maybe that is the cause of the growing hatred.

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    • Lol thank you and thanks for MH :)

      @redeyemindtricks lol kinda like that. But there's just so many "feminist is stupid lolz" questions that bother me. Like all the anti Bieber jokes. I never really cared for him. I don't like any of his songs, and I don't find him attractive either. BUT there's so many "Justin Bieber sounds like a little girl lolzzzzz" jokes that I got more annoyed by them.

    • Heh, yeah, I just skip those.

      I also skip the race threads, because SRSLY NOW. Ain't got time for that. For stuff where obviously nobody is gna reconsider their thoughts on the matter.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted C.

    Most of the feminists here are pre-college age girls who actually hold values i agree with. They may be focused on problems facing women, but they want to fix genuine problems.

    I don't think many actually have any idea what formal/academic/"serious" feminism is about or has been about in the last 45 years.

    My issues with feminism are what the actual leadership (which is based in academia) believes and pushes.

    I am occasionally frustrated with women's views here, but it's not really feminist views. Its the natural callous lack of caring for the suffering of men. That's just how it is though, women are made to care a lot about kids and help other women, and look to men as providers and protectors, and a defective male is considered worthless to nature. I try not to let that get to me though.


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What Girls Said 4

  • There are feminists here that make me question their sanity, and then there are others who make me want to support them.
    However, equality > feminism

  • This site actually put me off anti-feminists. They are often so aggressive and argumentative, travel in packs & downvote attack even to rational remarks, and evoke gender wars all over the place. It gets unsettling at times. This site didn't change my view of feminism though.

  • I never really cared for feminists, and this site did very little to change that.

    Though it did open my eyes, seeing so many feminists utter things like "the guy should always pay", or "the guy should make the first move, it's the man's job". Interesting how people claiming to be for equality could still be so sexist.

  • I feel like feminism is important but there's so many young girls (usually) that are just ridiculous with some of the stances they take and then try pass it off as feminism... so yeah, in that way it's irritating. Not really on this website though to be fair.


What Guys Said 3

  • I formed my problems with mainstream feminism without the site, certain people reinforce those views.

  • I hated it before I got in this site.

  • I've always been neutral with feminism and GAG had no effect with my views whatsoever

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