I need your help about this t-shirt I've made?

Hola! I'm making t-shirts and trying to promote it, advertising I already "wasted" 60$ and this shirt didn't sell, I don't understand what kind of t-shirt would PUG lovers like to have?

I know that marketing and selling is hard, I know few guys who "wasted" 2000$ on advertising and they failed.
I need your help about this t-shirt I've made ???
What do you think about this shirt and what would you change add, any help would help me :)



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  • Honestly, I don't think the design is the problem. I don't know if you have other products and how similar/different they are from this one, but if you're choosing to focus on one product, then you're limiting yourself and putting yourself at risk in terms of profit. You're also limiting your customers in their choices... I don't see a problem with this design, but people like options and this style won't be everyone's style. Also, $60 doesn't sound like a lot dedicated to advertising/promotion. To make money, you have to spend money. Rather than spending money on trying to promote one product, spend money on promoting your business.

    I'm not sure HOW you're advertising or what agencies/outlets/social media/etc. you're using, but I really do believe that the right kind of advertising, if you have the product to back it up, will do its job and bring customers.


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  • i think it´s funny, because pugs are funny xD


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  • Personally i think it maybe very old fashioned what's your demographic? If your looking your a younger audience (which I know a lot of young women's who own pugs) then I would try to make the design more modern. alsp try promoting on social media you'd be supposed how well that works and it's free!


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  • It's pretty cool

    • thanks yeah but I don't know people don't want to buy I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, yet marketing is hard asf if you don't have a lot of money :D