Hey G@G - Which of these 3 life choices/decisions should I make?

I'm at crossroads (actually it's more like I've been sitting on the side of the street for awhile) and I need to make a lifestyle change, I have to pursue something...

I have 3 things in mind and they all are expensive to a certain extent.

1 - find a way to reignite my hobby/passion for art & music...

2 - go back to school (college, university)

3 - Go travel the world to broaden my horizon and change my perspective.

  • Art/Music
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  • Higher Education
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  • Travel the world
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  • Do all of them but the cost effective version each... go on a affordable trip to somewhere exotic & different comeback refreshed and start looking into the necessary requirements for school, while messing around with music and art (it will be harder but so much more worth it).
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Strange, I thought that secret option 4 would have been the go to choice... Why not try and do all 3?


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  • Definitely do all 3! Glad you know your goals in life :)

    • Finding a goal is easy... sticking to it through the ups & downs or even finding motivation/courage to start is the hard part.

    • Haha I know right. So far I've stuck to my academic goals, but my hobbies and travel plans are constantly changing

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Doing all three is ridiculous. Very idealistic and probably the politically correct thing to say but still ridiculous. You cannot do all three and do any one of them adequately so that they benefit your future.. A goal of a higher education will always be the correct choice at age 26. You have a long life ahead of you getting prepared for that longer life is tantamount to success and happiness. Therefore your choice becomes easy. That is the singular choice that will allow all of the others to gel in the future.

    • I've set some personal goals for music/art that I have to meet by the summer... If I don't than I'm going to focus on the other 2 choices.

      Random observation - I don't believe that your profile pic is you.

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    • But I'm glad this happened because I'm going to stick up for all girls. If we are attractive we are too attractive to be smart and if we are smart then that not must not be you because you're too smart to be attractive. That is not intellectually sound. You can be pretty or at least not ugly and be smart. That goes for guys too. Tom Cruise is very attractive I mean he gets me all worked up but I understand he's not stupid either he's pretty smart.

    • The whole not believing someone is a girl/woman on the internet stems from late 90's early 00's misconceptions. I'd find an article or explain deeper but I'm not in the right mindset for that.

      I look like a dumpster diver in the morning so I know the struggle... also a lot of how well you look in morning has to do with the night before and if you are going to bed at an adequate time.

      So what are you going to do with your degree? *Physics was never my forte, I tried to take it in my twilight years of high-school and I just couldn't apply myself or stay motivated on it... also the amount of homework was asinine.

      I would stand up for some sort of male cause but I can't think of one ATM and I don't want to come off as one of those "The Return of Kings" subscribers... but I will say this - Don't ever pretend to be dumb to come off as attractive to some douche guy, I hate when girls try this tactic, it's an instant turn off and shows the lack of integrity in the person.

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  • Do all 3 if you can though I might add that A and B can be combined together I mean there are art and music schools you know.

    • I'm going to focus purely on music for the next couple months because it's one of those things that requires time and space... and I might not always have the space to set everything up to create or the time.

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    • Also I got a lot of things to write songs about from what occurred last year, it might help with the healing process so I can grow and prosper from some of the shitty things that happened.

  • All 3 is my opinion