If he finds me negative, then why is he sticking with me?

Okay, yes I will admit it, I have anxiety, low-self esteem. And yes, I know it is an issue and is something I need to work on. But its not just going to go away over night. I told my boyfriend this when he first asked me to be his girlfriend and he said he completely understands that I've been hurt, lied to and my trust broken. And knows what I'm like.

So yesterday, I come into work and he and our co-worker were talking about me.
Having low-self esteem, I automatically assumed it was negative. I get home, and make a status post on facebook about my day and I write about how I think I few of my co-workers are talking about me.
He sends me a private message later saying "Hey, whats up?" and then writes "I saw that post about co-workers talking about you, yes I was talking about you, but in a positive way. Stop being so negative!!"

Okay, obviously he found it annoying. The way he snapped, kind of hurt my feelings.
But I didn't respond.

I know no one wants to be around a negative person, I get that. Fine. If its a problem, no one says he HAS to stay with me. He knew very well what I'm struggling with with. I'm working on it, but it just doesn't go away.

Then he asks me out on a double date, like nothing even happened. I don't get it.


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  • Some men like dramatic women.