What are your top 5 worst ways to die?

1:jumping into a Volcano
2:burned alive
3:Hit by a nuke
4:getting run over by a steam roller or other heavy machinery
5:jumping off a tall building


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  • I believe that number 2 being burned alive is the worst in the list.. But the absolute worst is dying right before you find out that the movie star you have always wanted to have sex with is available. You die with disappointment and the crushing realization that you were that close. I think of Tom Cruise taking off his clothes write about to enter me and I kicked the bucket. There he is right on my bucket list and I kicked the bucket. And he is in his secret agent outfit. When I get to heaven or hell I will beat the living daylights out of God of the devil and say, "why me, why now couldn't you have waited an hour later?" And for an eternity I would be pitching in complaining to God.


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  • 1. Eaten alive by army ants
    2. Killed by a swarm of angry bees
    3. Getting crushed by a boulder and slowly bleeding to death
    4. Mauled by a bear/tiger/whatever
    5. Trampled by a horde of people


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  • 1) Unable to see my loved ones, especially my dad for the last time before I die. I want to tell him how much I love him but it is so darn difficult for the words to come out of my mouth that I think I would die of embarrassment. I think I could only say it to him at my death bed :' (

    2) Dying before I have a chance to tell my loved ones my last wishes :' (

    3) Dying before making all the necessary arrangements to ensure that my parents would be taken good care of in their old age.

    I think unforeseen death is the worst!

  • I think a lot of those are on my "best ways to die" list.

    Worst ways to go would probably be succumbing to torture or after a long time of being sick, or maybe getting lost in the dark tombs beneath Paris, just to slowly fade away from starvation and fear.

  • Getting your head chopped off
    Jumping off from the tallest building
    Burned alive
    Slow death methods (ie, knives going through each body part at a time)
    Being buried alive

  • 1. Impaled
    2. Eaten alive
    3. Drowning (since I don't know how to swim)
    4. Burning alive
    5. Ran over

  • 1. Cancer - life will impoverish you before letting you go
    2. Buried alive
    3. Burned at stake
    4. Hanging

  • 1. Bugs eating me
    2. Bugs eating me
    3. Bugs eating me
    4. Bugs eating me
    5. Falling down stairs

  • Alone

  • Getting hit by a nuke isn't half bad if it directly falls next to you. You'll turn into ashes before you can start feeling pain.

    • Yes I know that but I have other reasons why that's the worst way to die

    • Whar others reasons?

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  • Burned alive
    walking ghost phase
    I have an irrational fear of parasites so anything involving that would be terrifying.
    Their is one particularly gruesome torture technique that involved force feeding a person milk and honey while keeping them in a confined space (usually in or near a stagnant water source) so that when they inevitablly deficated it would attract flies and insects who would then proceed to eat and embedd their young into the poor victim, the milk and honey not only increasing the frequency of bowl movements but also being high in fat and sugars keeping them alive, some times they would be force fed again keeping them alive in agony for weeks, maybe even a month or more. So that would be another one.
    Then finally disease, the nausea and pustules and rashes and constant discomfort and pain with no way to actualy fight it or at least make it quick. Wow what a morbid answer for a morbid question :D

  • 1) Torture/Mutilation
    2) Burning
    3) Being Eaten
    4) Potent Disease / Virus
    5) Crushed

    I'm surprised you put Nuke as number 3, considering it would literally be instantaneous and you would be completely vaporised in less than a millisecond. I would actually consider being in a detonation, Especially nuclear one to be the quickest and most painless death.

    And jumping? Again... Once you hit the floor you're a goner instantly, no pain. Seems pretty good to me.

    Just for the sake of it, I'd say the best deaths are
    1) Detonation (Instant bodily destruction)
    2) 12Guage to the head
    3) Hanging
    4) Inhert Gas
    5) Falling

    • As i explained to many other people I know that would kill me instantly but those are not my reasons for why I they are the worst ways to die.

  • 1. Getting my head cut off in a Muslim terrorist ritual.
    2, Having my dick ripped off and bleeding to death.
    3. The mechanical bull.
    4. Judas cradle
    5. Jumping off a tall building (that would suck)

    A nuke would probably be quick, dude. You probably wouldn't even feel it it would kill you so fast. That is unless you survive the initial blast.

  • You don't seem to know a lot about physics. Standing right next to a nuclear weapon as it detonates is actually the quickest and least painful death I could think of.
    Jumping into a volcano or off a tall building isn't much worse, death is almost instantaneous.
    Okay, here's my list:
    1) Autoerotic asphyxiation; can't think of a more undignified death.
    2) This thing:
    3) Alzheimer's disease
    4) Drowning in feces
    5) Drowning in any other liquid

    • hey bud don't come to me and say I don't know a lot about physics. I obviously have different reasons for why I think those are the worst ways to die. Sound good cowboy?

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    • @Joc4Position That bull was in the movie Immortals

    • Oh really? I've seen that movie and don't remember lol.

  • Getting eaten alive, VX gas, radiation poisoning, beheaded with a small knife, poisoned by an animal

  • Drowning,
    Eaten alive
    Bleeding out because someone chopped off my dick
    Starvation/dehydration/death march

  • 1. Drowning
    2. Burned to death
    3. Buried Alive
    4. Mauled to death by an animal
    5. Cancer/Cemo
    anything slow, painful, and nothing you can do about it

  • Burned alive is the worst your fat melts and your bones explode

  • Did u know getting sick and dying after years of torture is worse than all of these?

  • 1. Burned
    2. Drowning
    3. Nuclear explosion
    4. Being crushed
    5. Plane crash

    • Shit I forgot about plane crash. Yep that one would be crazy