"born again" christians, can you explain something to me?

OK. This is a hypothetical but, lets say you're working for a job, and in this case, it's social services for gay men and women who want to get married (btw, it's legal in the u. s. now, so it wouldn't matter anyway). But, so, before you were born again, you didn't mind helping them, since you were working for the job. All the sudden though you find god and you become a born again christian. You then decide that you don't know if you want to leave your job because while you became born again, you did once like your job helping gay people. They can't fire you based on religious choices, it's illegal, and, they don't HAVE to replace you because they don't require it.

So my question is, do you tell your boss that you're not sure if you want to leave yet? Keep in mind that, as you continue to work, they are paying you. But you still don't know if you want to leave the job


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  • 1. Not all Christians have a problem with gay people. Actually, the Bible tells us that we should love everyone, feed the homeless, and take care of foreigners. So really the people who hate the gays and are against helping refugees are not acting like Christians, haha. But of course there are haters that claim to be Christian.
    2. You can't be fired because of religion, but you can be fired if you don't do your job. I'm a teacher, I couldn't be fired because of religion, but if I refused to teach gay kids or kids of a different religion, then yeah I could be fired. If their job is to provide social services, and they refuse to, then they shouldn't be working there since they are not doing their job of providing the social services.
    3. So, I'm interested to see if there are "born again christians" who answer this, but really their only options are: to keep doing their job no matter what their personal opinion is, refuse to to do their job and get fired, or just quit since they don't want to do their job.

    • That city clerk who wouldn't marry the gays wasn't fired.

    • @Intraluminal As they should be. It's not a matter of religion, it's a matter of whether they are doing their job or not.

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  • Hmm I see your point, one thing pope Francis or someone said that yes gays or whatever are sinners, but God still loves them because he loves all his children as long as they repent and stuff. I'm looking for gods will in my life also so I can relate. If he wants you there you or if you should move, then you should pray to him about it. Hope this might help.

  • If it makes you that uncomfortable, you can leave. It sure would make me uncomfortable. But if you are comfortable doing it there is nothing wrong with it. God provides you with a job because in this world you need a job to survive. The work may be enjoyable or it may not, but it puts food on the table. Just look at it that way.