Has anyone ever really hit it off with someone and then you found out something really sketchy about them that completely made you do a 180?

Personally I was talking to a Hispanic chick in high school and I found out she was Columbian and made a joke about her family being in the cartel and she said "no just my brother and my uncle" and all I could focus on was her brother/uncle walking in on me plowing their little girl and cutting my balls off ot something. I just btoke everything off with her and never spoke to her again


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  • Haha damn that's bad news!
    I found out my lovely boyfriend were constantly screaming and yelling at his best friend accusing him of hacking his computer and lying to him on no grounds. Even when the mother of his friend called to ask if he knew where his friend was when he was having a rough time; instead of calling his friend and hear if he was okay, he told the mother that he didn't give a shit about him.
    And that said friend honestly hadn't done nothing wrong.
    I remember sitting there thinking "oooohhhhgod I'm a little frightned"

    • Wow I would've so uncomfortable in that situation

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  • It was a joke! And so what if it's true. That makes her less of a person?


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  • That's a great story.

    She was probably kidding. Even a very young girl would know to not be so forthcoming with that information, even in the company of someone she liked.

  • Seems like you didn't have your balls to begin with. Columbian women are the finest of Hispanics and you just dropped everything because your balls retracted into your body.