Do you know china did fight in WWII?

1) Manchus ruled china for 300 years till 1911.

Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia

The population rate was 100,000,000 chinese VS 1.000.000 manchus.

2) Mongols, manchus, xianbei people, japs, each of them killed tens millions chinese.

Genghis khan's law, killing a chinese = killing a donkey,

Sorry to mention this.

3) Japan invaded china in WWII, and killed tens millions chinese. (The highest figure is 32 million.)

Three millions chinese women were …. ed.

Second Sino-Japanese War - Wikipedia

Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia

4) In WWII, Japan took the Chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers.

Battle of Nanking - Wikipedia

All Chinese big cities were ruled by Japan in WWII, included Beijing, shanghai.

Chinese population is 10 times bigger than Japanese population.

Russia and USA saved china.

US killed 1 million japanese soldiers and lost 100,000.


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  • Yes, it was where WWII really started.


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