Facebook searches?

Can anyone explain this to me. When I was seeing someone 3 months ago I had a nosy at his exes page. Now everytime I go to type in search her name comes up I haven't looked at her profile since then. I've tried to delete my searches but it's still there and her name keeps moving up and down the list. Does anyone know how to get rid of it and why it keeps jumping to the top of my searches? I guess it serves me right for stalking. Oops!!


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  • yeah you can remove your search history and implicitly the suggested autocompletes in the settings
    to do this click the magnifier in the search field and when the drop down is displayed click edit right below the magnifier, you should come to a page containing all your past search terms and you can remove them by clickin remove searches at the top of the page

    • I've tried this and it doesn't remove the suggested search names which is what it used to do.
      It does this for everyone I've searched recently I just can't clear it.

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  • You can try to remove your search history.