How do I distract myself?

I have an eating disorder and I'm getting treatment at our region/state psychiatric ward, ED amb. unit.
I'm not good at eating dinner alone (I can eat all other snacks and meals, but just not dinner since it's the "big" meal) But tonight I had to. I spend an hour thinking about skipping, crying and I even tried to call my sister.
After a call from my BFF, I ate the dinner, which was super hard compared to the fact that it was a very "safe food" (cellery, canned tuna in brine/water, cucumber and half a slice of HPLF rye bread)

I'm just stuck with the guilt right now - obvi - and need some distraction ASAP.
Please help


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  • tv, music, a book or some magazine, annoying pets... works for me.
    concetrate on the show on tv and stop thinking about food, and just eat dont think.


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