I lack common sense and general knowledge?

I can't do mental math, I always make bad grades, I love to learn but can't remember or explain/articulate anything properly. I'm super awkward and embarrassing. I stumble and jumble my words, I don't make sense. I'm just loser really. So what can I do?


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  • You seem to type alright. So don't think so lowly of yourself. You enjoy learning and that makes a good start. Practice and revise often & you'll eventually get great at what you study about.

    • I know I type alright. This is nothing tbh. I usually don't write too well my papers never make sense the teacher always tell me the same thing "it started out good in the beginning and then it got messy later on" my vocabulary usually sucks but I'm trying everyday to learn.

    • Have you considered 1 to 1 tuition? It may help you.

  • General knowledge is learned by studying.
    Common sense is learned by experience.

    In either case, become analytical. When you study what is going on around you, you begin to see the patterns in life, you begin to understand how reality moves.

    Take interest in the fundamental mechanisms of the universe, you'll learn a lot about the world, and yourself.

    • And for mental math? And failing classes? And sound like an idiot to most people I talk to? And being awkward?

    • Mental math - practice.
      Failing classes - pay attention in class and study.
      Sounding like an idiot - Choose your words more carefully.
      Being awkward - Relax

      Most of this seems like an issue with focus, or overthinking.

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  • Omg me tooo i feel you girl :(

    • Ugh let's be friends lol. :/

    • We should!!! at my job i feel like the only one. They are asking me to switch to cashier and I said yes because I know I have to step out of mu comfort zone, but goddamn I'm so scared :(

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