Why do I feel so lonely?

I've graduated, got a good job but have literally no one in my life. Live in a small town 30 miles from London. Everyone at work is at least 10 years my senior.

I moved for work. 9 months ago, I had a great circle of friends, and now, I have nothing.

It's almost as if I'm being punished for chasing success.

I just want someone to cuddle at night and to be able to mean something to someone.

The say lonliness is the biggest killer of young people, and I can see why :(


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  • Can you join a club outside of work where you can meet people your own age?

    • Yeah but what sort of club? I've never been too fond of group mph things :/ any ideas?

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    • I used to do table tennis in my early teens but there seems to be few clubs near me.

      Is tennis easy to pick up?

    • Yes, it is. I actually played for about 4 years. Once you've got the basics it's really easy to advance quickly.

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