How do I stop imagining worst case scenarios and being negative?

Like i imagine the worst things. When i saw a message from my friends ex on my bf's phone. I assumed he was cheating on me. After our breakup, guess he and his friends became close with her. And he is going hiking with her and her friends. And today she is going to the movies with him and his other friend. I imagined the worst. That they had something going on but if they did wouldn't it be a her and him thing. She is a slut so she hooks up with anyone. This type of thinking is doing me no good for my mental health and i need to change


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  • Buddhist teach you are what you think

    • Yeah but how can this help me

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    • Quick question: it isn't weird for a girl to go with two guys she flirts with to the movies right? If she had a thing with one she would only go with 1

    • I would think so but I'm not a woman so I'm not an expert. If I were the guy she was dating and my friend came along I wouldn't mind but if I had a crush on her that she didn't know about I'd be jealous if another guy went

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