Does romance really matter to you?

I don't think I care too much about it do you?

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  • I don't really do feelings so it's not a priority for me.

    • I envy that capability.

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    • ROTFL Hold on let me add this to my list of marriage proposals XD

    • Sweet deal. I knew I had a romantic side to me somewhere.

Most Helpful Guy

  • For most of my life I thought it was kind of corny. Then when I got older I decided I liked it. But since I'm no longer dating, I haven't had a chance to try it. However there are a couple of girls I know online who let me practice. They still eat it up even though they know it's just for fun. I guess that's why I decided I liked it, because girls eat it up. It's like a magic wand.

    • Online can be some great practice. You married?

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    • No it just kind of faded over time. I'm actually 59, not 44. If I was really 44 I might look for someone. But not now. After my last relationship, I guess I didn't have much motivation, and a break turned permanent. One day it hit me when I realized that it had been a long time since I noticed if a woman was wearing a ring within ten seconds like I used to. That actually hit me pretty hard. It was a realization that I really was completely out of the market.

      I do still have romantic thoughts though. But the odds of anything happening are extremely thin.

    • Hey man. We live once. Renew yourself. Get back to working out, feeling good and start going out a bit. It's never too late to enjoy life and enjoy it with someone.

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  • I love romance, it's a great feeling when your efforts
    are appreciated by the one person you love the most.

    • I'll ask you that in 20 years but good answer.

    • Please do, it may be a completely different answer I'll give you then
      although I'll keep my fingers crossed, that it won't. ^.~

    • Aww
      I wish you do too. Peace

  • Of course. It's among the greatest mysteries I've yet to solve.

    • The mystery is you not knowing why you want romance?

    • More like, not knowing how to separate logic and rationality from expressing emotions. The former is a shield of the latter.

    • Wow yes. Great comment. Emotions often separate us from common sense and making good choices.

  • Yes I love romance

    • I know you do man I know you do.

  • In a relationship it's everything.

  • It's vital to me.

    • Vital meaning the most important?

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    • Thank you for the compliment, but I've always been this way. Thus, I must disagree with one statement you made, at least from my point of view. Romance was and still is important to me in a relationship. In fact, I think romance to me at my age is more important than sex. Well, maybe by just a little bit. :-)

    • At your age and mine yes I would agree but was thinking more like in your 70's and higher.

  • Not really, but I want a girlfriend to have someone who's like part of me, who I can completely be myself around and who I can tell everything and who likes to do the stuff I like so I don't have to do it alone

    • Ditto my friend ditto

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