Why would he stare and not let go of our handshake?

There's a new man at my job. He's very handsome and close to my age.
And keeps flirting with me. Others think he likes me.

When the office manager brought him to my office to meet me, he shook my hand and neither of us were letting go of the other's hand.

He was smiling at me and the office manager was talking about my job to him but his eyes were glued to me. Literally. He was staring at me very intently. I was tempted to stare at him too. Does he like me?/attracted?


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  • I think he likes you and has a crush on you. The handshake and him staring at you shows he is attracted to you. I sense some chemistry. I hope he makes a move and try to get your number or something.

    • He got my number but I don't knkw it he's single or willing to date a coworker. There's definitely chemistry. My eye were locked on him too. He always comes into my office and my coworkers think he likes me.

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    • Yeah we talk a lot. He also added me on fb.

    • That is good you and him talked and added each other. I hope he asks you to hang out with him?

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