Do you poke your nose into other people's business if it doesn't concern you?

I read this question someone posted of her contemplating to report that her classmates cheated in tests.

I personally would mind my own fcking business. Everyone is going through a hard life, so I don't blame anyone for cutting corners. My purpose in school is for my own learning improvement so why sabotage others? No reason to. As long as no person or animal is physically harmed, I believe in free choice in one's actions.


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  • Someone sold me out once lol it was embarrassing.

    • Haha! What regarding? Cheating during tests?

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    • Precisely! They're not affected at all yet they want to butt in? Its pretty much that they're jealous of you because you are cutting corner to have it easier. If they feel that way, then cheat too! idiots. Don't get why they want to force themselves to be honest but feel so butthurt about it that they have to tell on you.

    • I don't know if she was jealous though! She was just a goodie two-shoes. Didn't like breaking rules and such.

      I actually had this one friend (different one) that would cheat all the time but act like she was better than me because she felt bad about it. Like how are you better? Most of the work in school is busy work and I don't want to waste my time on that. I'm also extremely lazy. Like I could do it, sure, but I don't want to.

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  • Yes, I poke my nose into the business of others.

  • Well, I'm nosy as all heck. But I usually keep it to myself unless I really feel someone should know. Like last night, when my coworker refused to clean up her station before she went home. I told my supervisor because I felt it was unfair to the rest of us who actually do our work like we're supposed to.

    • I see. But that's clearly sabotage. Simply because it doesn't affect you, so I don't get why you should report her unless you had to help her clean up. Now that would be a different story.

    • Well typically, it would be my job to clean up after her, but they didn't make me do it last night because they felt bad for me. But I don't see why I shouldn't tell them either way. The rest of us take pride in our work, and when an employee is lazy it drags us down. And it's frustrating because they get off easy while the rest of us are working hard.

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