Why does it seem like the average white girl looks better than the average black girl but?

The hottest black girl looks better than the hottest white girl?

Like if you just go to the local store you'd see most white girls look better than black girls. But, when you see a hot black girl she is REALLY pretty and no one can touch her. Why?


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  • I would argue that there's an important social component to this. Particularly in the United States, ethnicity is not just about skin color, it's also about social class (which is part of the reason black and white people in America sometimes don't get along). Many black people in the US are part of the working class or low middle class, which is a direct result of institutionalized racism. Most white people belong to the middle class (and in some cases upper class). So when you see an average black girl, she also carries with her the typical working class traits that are generally considered less desirable by society. For example there exists a direct relation between poverty and obesity. In other words: poor people (--> African Americans) are much more likely to be affected by obesity. Other factors can be that an average black girl might not be able to pay for expensive brand clothing or jewellery while a white girl would struggle less with these things. In other words: due to the black girl's economic/social disadvantage, it's almost impossible for her to compete with any white girl when it comes to looking pretty.

  • This is true as fuck. A lot of white girls do look better than a lot of black girls. But when you see a fine black girl? She is FINE! I'm talking that brown skin.. Lemme chill 😂

  • according to... lesbian or bi girls? ok, i will take your word on it...


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