Is this guy right about what he said?

This was a huge surprise to me only because this boy looks white... well I'll just get to it

There was this white looking guy who in history class told the teacher that he took a DNA test and i heard from him that it came out that he had like 97% native and only 3% white

How it possible if he looks white? He said something about a recissive gene or something where he said he might look white but that's only because a recissive gene


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  • Most physical characteristics about being white, like blonde/brunette hair colours and/or blue/green eyes are recessive genes. Which means that if you have a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white person to reproduce with someone darker, like someone black, the child will be 99% likely to have brown eyes and black hair. Skin colours will be mixed, so not as white as the white parent, not as dark as the black parent.

    It could be a bit different if the coloured parent has any white ancestors, which could be the case with some Natives. In the case of a white person having a kid with someone Metis, who is technically native but largely white/mixed by blood, the resulting offspring could look full white.

    • The guy said he's the only white looking guy in his entire family

      Everyone looks native

    • yeah that's how it goes with mixes. Most mixed children will usually take the darker, dominant colours but once in a while, a lighter one like your friend could occur.

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