What's your opinion on someone who has their own business but doesn't make much money?

I've noticed this theme in movies, where a young male (sometimes teen, sometimes early 20s) looks down on his father who owns his own convenience store, or garage, or some other blue collar skilled type business, and through out the movie everyone constantly reassures him "you won't be like your father" "you'll be more" etc. personally, I don't understand why anyone would look down on someone who is able to work for themselves and do well, no matter how much money it brings in, as long as they can still pay the bills and eat well and enjoy life.

I'm curious what others think. do you have more respect for the person who makes tons of money working for someone else or someone who makes a decent livable wage working for themselves?

no one has an opinion on this? :/


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  • I think it is fine for the child to want more, Inthink it is outrageous that he look down on the man and the business that fed and clothed him.

    • exactly, I don't get why its a plot in so many movies.

    • I am guessing it is lazy writing that is translating to a putdown on such men due to the volume and frequency of its use as a plot mechanism.

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Generally, I have more respect for people who do what they love than people who do for the money.

    • same here. though I think respect was the wrong word to use. I can respect both scenarios. depends on the individual.

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    • And thanks for the MHO!

    • indeed, admiration is a better word.

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  • they are doing what they love, hopefully.

  • I prefer the ladder.


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