Riddle me this Gag. Why do guys keep telling you when they're gonna go shower?

Not even as an excuse to break off from an existing conversation. Could just go a day without talking to a guy and out of nowhere dude will be like "I'm gonna go take a shower now". But it's pretty much like, why would you tell me this?
It's not even limited to this guy, other guys I used to talk to do it too.
Is this normal for guys or something?

Also, we've only been talking for like, a month. We're not even that well acquainted or anything. I don't tell him when I go shower, I just go shower. :|


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  • I had to laugh because I said that today to my wife. I have said it a lot. If there is any hidden message there at all it is "hey, I am a clean guy and I know women like that". And "oh, if you ever wanted to surprise me in the shower by coming in, now is your chance :) "

    • lol well nothing wrong with being clean. i jut can't help thinking if there is an ulterior motive, and AH HA, there *is*.

    • Lol, there always is with guys.

    • Thanks you!

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  • They want you to think sexual of them or they want you to know they are clean guys.


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  • It is a cross gender thing in my family we always announce when we are going for a shower.

  • Like in person or just a random text after no communication for a day...

    • sometimes it's in the middle of a convo, sometimes it's a random text out of nowhere...

    • If its in the middle of the convo it's just politeness if you're firing them back and forth. It's a way of letting the other person you're going to take a 20 minute break from the convo. If it's out of nowhere that's pretty weird.
      If it's in person for some people it's like excusing yourself to the bathroom.
      If the kid is still in his teens it could just be a random boner that he needs to go "take care of"

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