Did I make the right decision?

I took this course, which was a really unique style of teaching, (it was about a student starting their own business).

But I was super uncomfortable and anxious.

I would have ordinarily taken the course, but I know that this anxiety will affect my other studies. With a finance concentration, I'm already somewhat scared.

It was a really comfortable atmosphere where I made a friend who was super smart, and others seemed to respect me, (small group of 20 people).

I wonder if I made the right decision. I can't help but feel regretful.


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  • You dropped the class? Sounds like a bad move.

    If you're wanting a career in business, you've got to practice dealing with situations like that (rather than withdrawing from them), especially when there are good people available to help you.

    Take it next term. :) Good luck.

    • Yeah I guess that's fair. It's not available next term but I can take a course like it I guess.

      I took another class in its place so it's not a lose-lose situation.

    • One positive I can accentuate here is that few people have the self-awareness or inquisitive nature required to have asked about this decision and its consequences. So you're ahead in that regard. Take care of yourself. :)

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