Which would you prefer after death: being judged and going to heaven or hell, or for your consciousness to simply cease to exist?

None of us have a say over this of course, or can say with absolute confidence what we'll find waiting for us. Still, curious if people are afraid of hell - who would take the third option to avoid it?

Well aware of other beliefs like reincarnation, limiting it to these two for the purpose of this question.

  • Face judgment and eternal reward/punishment
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  • Cease to exist
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  • I had this thought when I was extremely too young to be thinking about this. I thought we just ceased to exist, and it caused me to have a fear of death which became ironic since I later became depressed and wanted to die dispite this fear. I still have a fear like it, but I'm more afraid of dying a horrible death, than death and what happens afterward in general. It made me understand why religion helps so many people feel better. But I'm still not religious. this question feels more like it's asking me, "What do you WANT to believe?" ya know. Since I've done a lot of bad things that I regret. And continue to hurt people, including my self despite my inner soul and energy being that of someone who wants to help people, I feel like if there came a time after death in which I face judgement... I wouldn't be rewarded with anything good. So it would be best for me if I ceased to exist at all. which back then was my biggest fear.

  • I would actually prefer reincarnation.

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