How long should I give the the general manager to call me up?

Hi, so on Friday I had an interview for an hostess position at a bar/restaraunt. The general manager told me he will call me to let me know When to come in to start training me. It's been two days and he has not called me, should I be worry about it? He also asked me the say i was free and hours. The assistant manager before him had offered me the job too... and he had introduced me to the general manager. How long should i wait to move on?

The day i was free and hours*
More answer please


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  • They usually need a few days for background checks and following up with references. And schedules are generally only made once a week. I would wait two more days, and then follow up.

    • He didn't ask for my social security number... or anything like that. Just saw my resume, he has my number, and he sais he will call me and etc

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    • I'll be pushing it*

    • No, calling to follow up is standard practice. Mailing them a thank you note for the interview opportunity might help you, as well.

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