I need to cleanse and be emotionally stable before anything else. Any suggestions on how?

I'm not okay... lonely and pining for someone who I'm positive is not pining for me. I need to cleanse and be emotionally stable before anything else. Any suggestions on how?

Anyone else?


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  • Give yourself time, and find out ways to let it all out --healthy. If you're positive he's not into you, distant yourself from him, and you will naturally recover. Your days are probably filled with grief right now though, so find out healthy ways of relief. Poetry worked for me once my girlfriend broke up with me; writing a whole book is now working for me after I'm basically in the same situation as you. I also turned to reading teen novels, and watching movies. I'd sometimes let tears out intentionally; it felt good to feel. These are way better than randomly bursting into tears while trying to sleep, but even so, that's still normal. It's sad, and suffering, yes, but it's just what human nature puts us up to.

    • I've already distanced myself for almost a month. The situation is complex, but either way I have not texted in almost a month and I just don't know what to do with myself. I am trying stuff you suggested already. I also tried meeting new people and it was tough... I felt almost as if I was cheating on him.

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    • Because you still crave the possibility of a relationship with him, and as long as that there talking to anybody will feel like cheating. I do encourage you to go working out, rather that going out with people, since right now, you can't really meet new people; everyone will remind you of him. Kill time --work out, do activities, read books, write, maybe play videogames, or if you feel like, go out with friends or travel a bit.

    • Thanks so much for your help and I will try all that you mentioned.

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