How much do tattoo hurt compared to piercings?

I've many piercings and most didn't bother me too much besides my tongue and not being able to eat and all of that. I'm nervous to get a tattoo because once you start you've to finish or you'll have a half done piece of crap on you forever. Which hurt worse tattoos or piercings.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I have both, I once pierced my nips but then took it off and have tats at three places and tattoos definitely hurt way worse

    • If tattoos hurt way worse than nipples I could totally do it.

    • They don't hurt that much but yea compared to pierced, its just needles sticking in and out for two hours

Most Helpful Girl

  • So I think there are different types of pain. I've had my industrial, belly button, and done my own lip and nose... all of those are a sharp quick pain followed by a dull ache.

    Tattoo pain is, I've said this before, like scraping something sharp against a bad sunburn. It's a skin deep.

    On a 0 to 10 scale where:
    6=C-section pain
    I'd put a piercing at a 5 as it initially goes through the skin and a tattoo at a 3.


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What Guys Said 2

  • My pec and deltoid tattoos didn't hurt

  • Depending on where the tattoo is. If it's over a bone it hurts otherwise they feel like a sunburn.. They also don't hurt when they stop. I got my tongue pierced on a date and it hurt like a MF for 3 days


What Girls Said 2

  • I have 4 tattoos, and 5 piercings. None of my piercings hurt, except during the healing a little. My tattoos hurt, but they were all tolerable and easy to sit through. It really depends on the person. I always go into any tattoo/piercing thinking it'll be super painful, that way when it happens I'm either prepared for the pain, or relieved it's not that bad. Every time I've been relieved.

    Tattoo pain lasts longer, hours, but you get used to it to a point. There's really no pain with healing though except for a little soreness.

  • Depends on how much pain you can withtake and what area you're looking at for tattoo. On the bone is a right killer, but somewhere where there is a substantial amount of fat covering the bone shouldn't hurt too much.
    Think of it this way, piercings are a sharp fast pain, it doesn't last for long or hurt much, (speaking for myself who has lots of piercings) but tattoos are basically ink being scalded into your skin by a needle, but if you can handle it, then go for it.

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