What is YOUR meaning of Truth?



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  • Well, looking at it objectively, there are two types of truth.

    1.) Personal truth: This is what I, or society thinks is the right logical answer. For example, I may see a dog and say "this animal is a dog." I believe and am certain this is a dog. Society tells me this is a dog. Therefore, I accept this as truth.

    2.) Absolute Truth (aka the real truth): This is what the true result is and what we as people aim to find out in situations. We can never really determine what an absolute truth is-- we can only gather piles of evidence to surmise that our personal truth is the same as the absolute truth.
    For example, some hundreds of years ago, people thought the earth was flat and that you would fall off if you went too far in any direction (their personal truth). Years later, we determined that the planet is actually round. We changed our personal truth. We surmise that our current personal truth is the absolute. However, we can never know for complete certainly how right we are. Science may conclude an inconceivable phenomenon years from now that disproves what we assume right now.

    Did I just make a simple question complicated? Probably.
    But that is what I think of when I think of what "truth" is 😅

  • Either things like facts
    Or either Honesty I think