Planning a trip to Panama City for Spring break. What should I habe on my checklist?

There are going to be 6 people. We are 17, 16, 17,20, and 17.

We were planning on staying for 4 days and 5 nights.

How much money should we each bring?
Is food expensive down there?
What hotels are nice and inexpensive?

How do people usually get around rent scooters? Uber Cars? Is there a bus or train system In PC?

I just need an estimate and break down of things.


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  • Sorry I'm going to talk about your list, but I wanted to comment about Panama City. I live in Pensacola, roughly, 1 1/2 hrs from Panama City.

    Just to give some insight on what I (barely) know about Panama City. Their beach I think still has a double decker board walk. Night life is fun. But there beach, isn't as nice as P-cola. We have pure white sand. Pretty clean. Our board walk is nice, not as nice as Panama City's but decent. We have Fort Pickens, which is a 200 year old stone fort that guarded Pensacola in the 1800's which is on the beach (cost money to enter). We have a baseball stadium (Class Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds Major League Baseball team) naval air museum, a port system with like pirate ship tours (sometimes free but you need to know what boat is coming in.) Now I'm not saying switch places. But you guys should check out the beach here.

    Now more about your question. I can't say I know where you are coming from. BUT I do know how prices work a little more in Florida. Florida does not have state taxes, so everything is a little more expensive, like gas. Pensacola has a bus system, I'm sure Panama City does too. Also some places, might have bridge tolls, like ours has a $1 toll for crossing the bridge to the beach.

    Some beaches have rules like no glass on the beach (alcohol). If you can camp out at night on the sand. (The beach is always open). Boardwalks have drink regulations, like you can't hop from one place to the next with your drink. (That recently started here.) Now I know you guys are under age, but I'm saying this because, yeah I've been a teen before.

    Food depends on what your meaning. Are you cooking, because there's always walmart. How often you eat out? Are you eat out on the beach? (that's more expensive.)

    Driving scooter or car is just preference. Most people have cars. Occasional scooters. Many people have motorcycles. We aren't different from the rest of America. We aren't like Miami, or Orlando or Tampa.

    Hotel is pure preference of what quality you like and how much money you have. I'd say the most important thing is, the closer to the beach, the more expensive the place, the gas, the food. Everything.

    Since these are coastal places, the water, with your own car, can be about 15-20 minutes away roughly, just the actual beach can be an extra 10 minutes, depending on traffic, or bridges. So it's not worth staying on the beach. It's close enough. It's not an extra hour drive. Usually, 30 minutes or less


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