Who do you think will win the superbowl?

I say Panthers. What do you say?

  • Broncos
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  • Patriots
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  • Cardinals
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  • Panthers
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  • Comet
    lemon juice

    Being a female and a young one at that I have made it my business to learn all about the sporting events so that I can better understand man, the actual sport itself and how I can relate above. My read four books on the subject and have done statistical analysis retrograde gumbo gumbo mumbo-jumbo here is my take. Listen carefully
    it is obvious that both teams know how to score points. And they have good pitching the amount of points scored is obviously going to vary depending on how long the starting pitcher can go and the initial run scored during the first five innings. I like the lineup of the Broncos. If they can get a guy on first have him steal second and then bat around so he goes from second to home you can initially see an obvious offense working in sync harmoniously. The linebackers in the tackles on a Broncos have a batting average approaching. .325. That is excellent overall. While they don't dominate in home runs the overall average is consistent with those teams who went on to win the World Series. So were looking at two things now. Is Archie Manning too old to play third base and is a time to replace them with a guy who can contribute more to the offense? In this regard being leadoff batter and ability to steal second. I rest my case I think you know that by this essay I really understand what is going on and have a deep knowledge of things like why Cracker Jacks is still a better snack food then even M&Ms.


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