What would this dog wear if it had to reflect your attitude?

Imagine you have this dog:

What would this dog wear if it had to reflect your attitude?
Isn't it cuuute?😍😍

so yeah, imagine you have that cutie.. What clothes would u put on it? Keep in mind that u have to dress it according to the attitude u have towards life at the moment

For example: I spent this summer at home and Im leaving in a few days annnd I'm super keen! I have so many things planned for this year, so I'm feeling confident and like a badass lol ready to reach all my goals💪 so I'd dress that dog with a leather jacket, sunglasses and a bandana😎 that's super cool and I don't know it just gives an "Im ready" kinda impression, I'd also make it wear hiking shoes haha, when I wear those I feel ready for everything and that's exactly how I feel atm✌️

How would u dress your dog?😛


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    • ️Hahaha that's so cute!!

  • It is cold where I am so I would dress him for the weather because I know I like to be warm.


    • ️Hahaha Im in summer😎 not bragging xD
      But that's cool! The dog looks adorable haha

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    • yeah they both have their possitive things :) and omg yesss! Riding is awesome! It looks like u live in a pretty cool place

    • I love my place and property, I am not a city kind of guy, so it's like a little peace of heaven when I come home. I have hardwood bush for collecting maple syrup in the spring season, rent out the crop fields, play in the barn lol

  • so sweet :)))

    • Hahah what's so sweet?😛

  • Dachshund. Cute breed.


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