Out of the Jedi from the Prequels in the Jedi Council and/or Order, which is your favorite?

The title says it all. So the image below shows all of the Jedi from the Prequels. And they are either part of the Jedi Council, or the Jedi Order. The ones above the lines were all Council members of each movie. And the ones below it are just from the Jedi Order, who are worth mentioning. Well Jocasta Nu was part of the Council temporarily as a brief replacement for Even Piell, but she wasn't part of the 12 Jedi Council members of episode I. And my personal favorite is Yoda. He's the Grand Master Jedi, he's a super strong and wise warrior despite his age, he teaches others well, and I love the way he speaks.
Out of the Jedi from the Prequels in the Jedi Council and/or Order, which is your favorite? And for the poll, I put the 6 most popular characters, and then I put "other" in case it is another character from the list. Keep in mind that it can't be somebody outside the list. This is just the Jedi Council members from the Prequel Trilogy, with some notable members of the Jedi Order below the line. No Luke Skywalker from the Original Trilogy, no comic characters, no Clone War characters, no game characters, etc. Just these. These were all the Jedi from the Prequel Trilogy movies. Obviously, there were some background Jedi like the younglings and some background fighters during The Battle Of Geonosis, but those were just background characters who didn't matter or get any scenes. These are the main Jedi Knights.

  • 1. Yoda
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  • 2. Obi-Wan
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  • 3. Anakin Skywalker
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  • 4. Mace Windu
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  • 5. Plo Koon
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  • 6. Kit Fisto
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  • 7. Other (Please say which, and they MUST be from this list)
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Wow. Ik this website isn't very fit for Star Wars questions, it's more for teenagers who wanna know more about the opposite gender. It's mostly about teen romance/sexuality. I just asked it here cuz this is the only question asking website where I can post photos in the middle of a post, and seeing what each Jedi looked like is important. But still, I'd like more answers than this XD
i guess this question is forever dead with no answers...


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  • Yoda!!!

    • Yeah, ya know it. He may be old and little, but you'll be dead if you try to duel him.

    • Yes well, sometimes it's just bad luck. When I answered, it came up on the feed which many see, but no one either saw it or cared. Oh well :/

    • fear is a path to the dark side...
      fear leads to anger,
      anger leads to hate,
      hate leads to suffering.

      -Yoda ;)

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