How vivid/lively are your dreams?

How do your dreams on average look like? How vivid/lively are the experiences?
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Description of my 5 senses during a dream:

Hearing: I can't hear in dreams (although sometimes a very tiny little bit; I get the idea of someone saying something).
Taste: I can't taste in dreams at all.
Smell: I can't smell in dreams at all.

Touch: I can feel touch though! Once in one of my dreams, a dog bit me, and I felt it while in the dream! It didn't hurt though, it just felt like something was squeezing my hand.

Sight: For me a dream is really unclear. I don't see detail at all, I only have a vague idea in my head of what the dream scene looked like when I woke up. My dreams tend to focus only on the important parts of the dream. I found this picture below on the internet. If a part of my dream was about climbing a staircase in some sort of office I KNEW in real life, it would 'look' (mental image) something like this (except I only focus on the stairs and the door) :

How vivid/lively are your dreams?While the actual real-life office could have looked like this for example (and doesn't necessarily have to have stairs) :

But in my dream I 'know' what office I'm in, although it doesn't look the same.

TL;DR: How lively/vivid are your dreams? I got the feeling my dreams are really unclear compared to other people lol. What are your experiences?
Please let me know, I'm really curious to hear!

Thanks :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I usually don't remember my dreams but when I do they're vary vived.

    For hearing, I normally can't hear of I can just hear myself. When I do hear other people or noises they sound weird... I don't know how to describe it... they sound to load and to quite at the same time. Like when someone talks it's so loud it seems like they're screaming, but it's so quiet I can barely hear what they're saying, like they are far away.

    For seeing, I can either see everything cleary or can only see the the important thing like what you said, and occasionally I can't see but the barely ever happens.

    For tast and smell I think I can a little but it doesn't come up in my dreams.

    I can sometimes feel and sometimes I can't.

    Another thing sometimes in my dreams I'll not actually be in the dream... Like I'm watching from the outside. When this happens I can only see I can't hear or even move.

    Hopefully that made sense...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I once watched a video about types of dreams, from most usual to most strange. #1 strange was a dream where you wake up, and basically go with your daily routine with a shift or two --everything would feel extremely real. Suddenly, you'd realize it's a dream, and wake up. Those are usually the dreams I get; I'd wake up, shower, go to college, and perhaps something interesting would happen; something out of routine, and usually makes me think 'holy crap is this a dream?'. It happened to me so often, and I'm sometimes scared when good stuff happens to me right after I wake up, thinking it's all a dream. And, yea, all my senses are awake; feel, touch, hear, everything.

    • Do you know how the video is called? I wanna watch it too XD

      I've never had that daily routine dream. And it certainly would seem different than real life to me (although you dont realise that during the dream lol). You even feel taste? That would be amazing, you can get free delicious pizzas if you manage to lucid dream haha XD
      Do you lucid dream already? Can you choose what to do in a dream?

    • Here's the video I watched, the dream/nightmare is #1: /watch? v=Q8h_EFtR1dk

      You could look similar stuff, its really interesting. I believe I've felt taste of... skin... but I'm not certain. I also don't recall having any lucid dreams, the only dreams I can really remember are these: false awakening, is the name.

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What Girls Said 5

  • I have vivid dreams. I wake up believing I really experienced what I' ve dreamt. Sometimes they are so good and vivid that I want to go back into my dream after I've woken up 😂😂😂

    I see deatail in my dreams. I also experience sound and touch 😊

    • When waking up, lying down in your bed, you believe it was real? lol, I immediately know it was fake, it feels kinda unreal for me.

      Yes sometimes i wanna go back too haha, to kinda know how the dream would continue :P

  • Some are really vivid.

    I don't like it when I get those but actually feel kinda cool days later.

    Mostly because I am a writer and those dreams help me write about things that I would not have been able to ( due to no experience or idea about the situation, feeling, reaction, etc)

    • Can you differentiate between a dream and real life easily?

      Cool that your dreams help you out in some way haha, my dreams only bring me confusion lol.

    • While dreaming? Nope.

      That's the scary part. Lol

  • Mine are very vivd and weird.

  • I always die in mine

  • My dreams are lit af

    • Lit as in lively?
      Or just a lot of light?

    • As in lively 😂 they're usually super vivid

    • My dreams are probably the complete opposite haha.
      You can exploit this someway though. If you somehow manage to eat some pizza in your dream, you basically get the taste for free lol.

What Guys Said 3

  • vivid enough to remember them, but not so vivid where i can lucid dream anymore. i used to be able to.

    • I've always wanted to lucid dream lol. Were you able to get superpowers?

  • Same here it's mainly touch and what I see. If you want more vivid dreams start writing down your dreams every morning

    • Yeah I've heard about a dream journal. But why would that help? Do I have to read them everytime before going to bed?

    • Nah it's more of training your brain to recall dreams more vividly by trying to recall them every morning to write them down

  • yes! If you want vivid dreams take melatonin, be warned though it will make even your night mares vivid. I've had the most terrifying dream about a spider as big as me lunging at me. But also some sweet ass dreams.

    • I almost never have nightmares, I've never really had a true nightmare i guess now I think of it.

      More vivid as in seeming more real?

    • Yes and everything is very clear in the dream. It's very cool.

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